1. haha very good dream ... that kind of venue seems to be amazing for a U2 show
  2. I got excited just by your dream...
  3. Another one last night:

    I was at some shop and was looking at their cd rack; it was pretty picked over -- in fact, U2 were one of the only bands they had in stock and it was just two albums, War and something else.

    I picked up the other CD because it looked unfamiliar and I thought 'hey maybe it's an odd single or something' but it was a black cardboard case, but was really light -- there wasn't anything in it. I looked at it and on the front was the SOI tattoo. I realised what it was -- a little promotional card thing for SOE that the band must have distributed to retailers.

    It said down the spine, in the typewriter-looking font they've been using lately, Songs of Experience: Volume I. I flipped it over and on the back it said Coming 3rd June 2016.

    I got very excited. I kind of remember other text on the back of the promo album sleeve, maybe a partial tracklist? Don't remember what it said.

    Although I really, really hope (and pretty strongly suspect) SOE will be out before June, it felt really nice just to have confirmation of it, and it said Volume I... so much music they need two albums for it...!
  4. there are two kinds of U2 dreams for me...

    either i am at some recordstore and find one or more records of them that i didnt know or see ever before & i have no (or not enough) money to buy them and i always wake up before i can give those records a spin - puts me in a rather -mood

    or i am at some club show (first row) and all of a sudden i get the chance to go backstage and get to chat with them like with old friends - usually i wake up in a very good mood after this dream.
  5. I had a dream last night that I was in GA, front rail and they played Bad.

  6. Dream from last week.
    I was in the GA of Glasgow, it looked just like this during the show:

    It was weird because there were already videos of Bad from that night on youtube but the band didn't play it yet. The rest of the dream is about arring late on the second gig in Glasgow but I can't remember much of it.
  7. The other night I dreamt I bought a fake pressing of 11 O'Clock Tick Tock and then exchanged it for an official vinyl. Very random, I'm not sure what it means
  8. I tend to have two types of U2 dreams, both concert related. One where I've either lost my ticket right before the show and can't get in or I arrive late at the venue and the show is over, and I'm subsequently gutted.

    The other one is I am there seeing them, in an arena or stadium somewhere, and they're playing a bunch of songs I've never heard. They're not cover versions, it's clearly U2, but nothing recognisable, and they're always great. Someone please invent a dream recorder!
  9. Originally posted by thefly108:The other night I dreamt I bought a fake pressing of 11 O'Clock Tick Tock and then exchanged it for an official vinyl. Very random, I'm not sure what it means
    It means you're a criminal.
  10. I had a dream I went to an IE show dressed up like train conductor Bono from the Vertigo Tour and I got called up on stage to walk around doing train conductor things while they played Zoo Station.
  11. tuf
    north star
    cover Bowie