1. Pretty much all of my audio products are Sennheiser. I love their headphones but I do own a pair of CX-300 earphones and well... the sound is good but they basically started to disintegrate a few WEEKS after I bought them. And yes I took very good care of them. I recently gave up on mobile high fidelity all together and just use the crappy ones that Apple supply for on the go use. I save the high quality experience for the 558's when I'm at home.
  2. My CX-300's didn't last that long either, but I've had the CX-300II now for almost 18 months and they're still perfectly fine.

    And in terms of sound, I'm very happy with the sound. They don't let a lot of outside noise in, even with nothing playing they shut the supermarket up.
  3. I use Sennheiser HD205 at home and Koss PortaPro for my mp3 player.
  4. HD-205's at home for me also, CX-300II's out and about with my iPod.
  5. I'm about to buy a new pc monitor, my 17" lcd has served me very fine for many years (5 or 6!) but now that I'm going to work with the computer and I will spend many hours in front of the screen, I fancy something a little more decent.

    I'm aiming at a 22" screen, HD-ready/HDMI not mandatory (I couldn't care less in fact) but decent contrast, nice design and deep blacks. Oh, and I obviously don't have unlimited funds, more like a 75-100€ range (and I know prices change notably from country to country so it's rather useless to tell you my bedget - I know). Any specific recomendations, anyone?

    I've found this two 22" monitors (used but mint) here in Madrid for 80 € each: Dell E228WFP and HP W2207
    and this one (24") for 90 €: Acer X243W

    (URL's redirect to their respective technical specs). They all look like great deals to me, but I'd like to have a 2nd opinion.

    Ideas, bitching, recommendations? Thanks. Appreciated
  6. I'm using an Acer monitor right now - a 24'' and it's got probably the best viewing angle and contrast of any LCD monitor I've ever used.

    I know you're after a 22'' but even the Dell one there is fantastic.
  7. MacBook Air: worth the money?
  8. Depends what you want to do with it.
  9. Everyday use, university, travelling a lot, edit videos/audio.
  10. For media editing it would be worth it. Might be best to speak to someone who specialises in Apple (like a store person).
  11. Spent a couple of hours unifying our .net u2start library. And played a bit with Windows 8

    Damn, we need more developers Too many projects