1. Originally posted by colbourne25:Fingers crossed for an email "we're starting to ship the CDs, here's the download for all tracks while you wait 6 to 8 months to receive your physical copy!"
    Man, that would be friggin sweet if they released all of the songs at once. Or make them all available to download like with “Another time, Another place”

  2. I predict that the next downloads will be released, 'Radioheads first band name'.
  3. Dang, turns out I was wrong folks... good thing I don’t make predictions for a living lol! Better stick to my day job.
  4. I always thought you were an arborist...
  5. ............how long to sing this song ,waiting here for the rest of the downloads
  6. Seriously at this point, wtf is the delay? Just throw them up for download and whenever the CDs are mailed is fine. Just such incompetence.
  7. I mailed u2.com but i guess they are on vacation , still waiting on a reply after 2 weeks