1. Oh yes. It´s the best gift.... Did they think about the non english readers?? My english is so limited... like other thousants of people. What do we want it for? I will not renew this years subscription.
  2. I think this is a great gift, and you only pay 40$ , that's what I normally pay for a book where I live, and here it's a subscription included I'm curious to see what's in the new book.
  3. Well, but why do I need a book that I can't read or understand correctly? Today you can do better things with $ 40 instead of throwing them away.

    And hey, I have to say this is my personal opinion. Everyone can do what they want.
  4. Why is the check out for renewal not secure encrypted? At least I don't get the lock in the address bar.

  5. Because it's u2.com - it's a disgrace on itself (quoting this thread's title).
  6. well, there is no audio CD this time? or just another crappy live selection of 360 tour?
  7. Just curious, I'm subscribed up until July 2014, yet when I visit the page it gives me 2 options, $40 or $75 for this book and From the ground up which I already have....do I need to re-subscribe for North Side Story even though I have 6 months left?
  8. in general yes .. you won't have the new gift until you renew
  9. Anyone else got an e-mail that the U2.com subscriber package is shipped?

    Got the e-mail last friday.

    Is there somebody who received the book already?
  10. Yeah, there have been photos of the map and book popping up at Facebook during the last days.
  11. I have been a subscriber for years in a row, mainly for the privilige to get my concert tickets for sure, as well as those subscription gifts as collector items.
    Last year they never sent me the subscription gift at all, even though I sent several emails asking why
    And this year, while my membership ended by the end of November I happened to lay in hospital so I just couldn't resubscribe in time. When I got back home I was already a non-member. I sent emails telling them why I hadn't prolonged my membership in time, even offering them to send in hospital files so they could see I indeed wasn't home for the subscription -- no answer until now
    I begin think if I want to be a member any longer anyway
  12. That is disgraceful, my dear. Holy shit. Maybe we can ask them over at twitter or something. I doubt they'd answer anyway, but you never know.