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    I never had MD player - there were not many albums released on MD and it wasn't easy to rip CDs to MD and then quickly came mp3 players (my first was 32 mb 😂 and looked like pencil).
    Haha, 32 MB... So you had room for one Pink Floyd song... And in 128 kbps!
  2. I never bought any official release on MD, just used it for my own recordings.

    Back on topic: What I would really like as an fanclub gift is a book containing reprints of every issue of Propaganda.
  3. At that time 112 kbps (but okay for my way to work by subway). Way to work was about 30 mins so it was so so
  4. So I guess no more streams?
  5. Minidisc useful to ‘rip’ a u2 livestream audio. Very basic red and while cable...
  6. Fanclub gift u2 zoo tv on VHS whole concert a la zoo tv special Philips dcc. Like the way how it’s filmed and mixed.
    Washington show had a great setlist, including SBS.
  7. Anybody else not seeing their available subscriber downloads when they go to their account section?
  8. Mine were still showing earlier today but they’re not there now
  9. Same here. Mine were there this morning and not there now.
  10. U2.com obviously going through some changes.
  11. Got an email saying login is changing, you have to use email in the future instead of username