1. Originally posted by DMMacdonald:I've always wondered whether it's worth signing up to U2.com. Am I as well waiting until the AB30 is released and/or when the next tour is announced?
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    Of course. It’s been a while but is it a two-ticket maximum on the presales? I thought I got four back in 2017.

    It’s two for arenas, four for stadiums. You can split that across multiple shows in some cases, but not all.
  3. As much as I’m looking forward to the gift, I mean that seriously, if Zoo Station is not from the first leg of the Zoo TV tour I’m going to protest.
  4. First leg would be fine (with the intro), but those from Leg 3 are very good, too, I think Bono is better on leg 3, plus the song starts sooner after the drums enter. As good is the version from the 'Window...'single, imho.
  5. At This point we Will be Pleased to Get it Antything even Berlin 2015 Version 🤣 but yeah those first ZooTV leg intros are killiers!
  6. I'd even be happy with the EBN Bush/We Will Rock You Intro. But would prefer leg 1's though
  7. They just announced the track list and first two downloads. I wish there were more ZOO TV versions. There aren't any "surprises" Just 12 tracks. Interesting that the packaging uses photos from other tours as well.
  8. First downloads are up for subscribers.
  9. Some surprises, can live with it, but One, mysterious ways and ultra violet should be from zootv
  10. Disappointing list. Especially Zoo Station from 2006 previously released. I’m sure there was another recording that could have been released.
  11. Nice. I was there in Belfast and Manchester 2018.