1. Originally posted by beerok:To be honest, even if something was shot on video, if they source it from the master tapes it would be great and crisp footage. Yes not HD but who cares? We know they must have multiple full shows in Stockholm/Washinton/Yankee Stadium/Detroit quality. Look at all those snippets from that news report (not sure which show). There are multiple others.
    Its not an excuse that the footage is not true HD. Look at Sydney, Mexico Popmart, not HD either.

    I did watch a good portion of Stockholm last night. While it's great from a historic perspective, I have doubts that they would release that show. So much of the interactions with the MTV competition winner is cringe worthy. I just don't think it would pass the bar to become the official release of the 1992 tour for that reason.
    Washington I haven't watched in a while, but if remember correctly it had quite a few major mistakes in it, so that might be a tough one to release as well.

    Out of interest, does anyone know if the Lovetown footage shot by Richard Lowenstein in Sydney was on Film or video?
    I hear what you’re saying about that Stockholm show. The performances are amazing (Hey, I list it as my favourite U2 show in my profile) but those satellite fan interactions have got to somehow be cut out. Just another reason why they should (someday) release a compilation of various shows for a single ZooTV (1992) document.
  2. I just wish Sydney had better audio. Specifically the drums. You can hear the snare okay, but the bass drum and Toms are barely audible