1. I never expected to hear anything coming from popmart honestly, it's nice that the band noticed POPMART LMAOO
  2. Well, Bono states in his book that Popmart Mexico is one of the U2 live releases that he enjoys a lot and is still proud of.
    He also goes on about Pop and the time of it's recording a lot and I understand why the band don't like to remember or revisit that period of their career - but isn't it amazing that so many of us love that album that much?
    The band are very strong on the later legs of the Popmart Tour, and so it's great that that tour is represented on AB30live.
  3. oh that's good, POP receiving memory

  4. Just got this.
  5. Sounds like you are a qualifying subscriber. Congrats!
  6. I still do not understand the delay in putting up all the tracks for download. Who cares if the item has shipped yet?
  7. I get what you’re saying, but I think that’s how it’s always been.
  8. So the 2023 gift will officially be received by most people in 2024... Hopeless.
  9. It's been mentioned before. It's to combat piracy. If they release all the downloads a few months before the CD ships, the tracks will be in circulation online and people are less likely to subscribe to U2.com to receive the gift.
  10. Interesting they list the original 12 AB tracks when the album info on iTunes has been showing 13 - what has happened to the mystery track?