1. wtf
  2. Millions of views.

    Complete madness.

  3. Just found this on the interwebs
  4. This might as well go here too:

    Originally posted by LikeASong:For those coming over this Summer...

    No One Has A Clue What This Irish Farmer Is Saying

    What was supposed to be a serious news story on animal theft has turned into a bit of a comedy sketch.

    At first I was concerned for the two affected farmers from Mount Brandon in County Kerry. But when Mikey Joe O'Shea started talking I thought he switched from English to Gaelic.

    Maybe that was a one off? I replayed the clip again and again and tried to find a shred of English but no... Nothing.

  5. Can someone please make a United Airlines meme, out of the Beautiful Day music video?
  6. i can't stop laughing!!!
    He would even be Able to bite His ear !!!
  7. I'd be laughing if it wasn't so sad