1. Indeed. They'll never be the same, even though they'll pretend they can... No, no, no
  2. Yep, it will never be the same It was sad to see him go for a second time. Such a brilliant guitarist.

  3. yep, it's still a good band without him but his funky sound was really the heart of the band
  4. Thanks for the link, Dan, I will give it a listen!! Thanks
  5. Cheers Dan, I just bought it (FLAC), but downloading is aw-ful-ly slow...
  6. Rumours of Guitar Hero: RHCP are going strong

  7. Yes, I've read it in several spanish pages and also today in an australian link. If Aerosmith has one.......

  8. Though I used to be a huge fan of these games- own 3 or so of them- I've seen Frusciante live, and reducing his work and craft into 5 buttons may as well just be slapping him in the face. Maybe I'm a bit too high on my horse, but it's a shame.

  9. downloaded and listened to it. its pretty experimental but very relaxing.

  10. Aerosmith, Metallica, Van Halen (which didn't do very well) now possibly RHCP. I think they need to stop with these.
  11. awful idea.

    the novelty of specific band related guitar hero games ran out after metallica. there's only so many variants on the original you can get away with, and i don't think it suits their music.