1. The sound on that hurts my ears. Why didn't the taper run a real audio rig? I mean, we're here for the music!
  2. Even when the taper had his full rig in the car! It must frustrate you to NO END!

    You shoulda been in the parking lot running a rig!
  3. I'm not superman, can't tape every show. Folks needs to cover their home court!
  4. Thanks to @alvin I'm going to see my second leg-opener show after the Belfast '15 bang: Prague, here we go! I'm trying to go setlist&visuals-spoiler free so I won't be coming to this thread too often if I'm strong enough!

    And then I'll also see the leg closer in Madrid, which surely (hopefully?) will bring some setlist surprise(s)... So yeah, very much looking forward to this