1. Bittersweet 8th MUSE concert last night They didn't play Citizen Erased (although they've played it at over half of the festivals this year) but Chris saw our sign and gave us his harmonica after Knights Of Cydonia finished

    Apart from that... Really good show. Very rocking. Lots of pyro and heavy songs and less pop oriented than the Simulation Theory tour. I like this drift!

  2. Nice Sergio! Btw funny you said more heavy and less pop but posted Starlight and Madness
  3. He was having a blast and used this to to regroup ๐Ÿคฃ congrats and hope you get Citizen one day
  4. Originally posted by zbych:[..]
    He was having a blast and used this to to regroup ๐Ÿคฃ congrats and hope you get Citizen one day
    Basically this No way I could film Stockholm Syndrome, Psycho, Kill Or Be Killed, KOC... The video would be a complete mess (even more than usual) haha.
  5. By the way, they were filming the videoclip for Kill Or Be Killed and the camera man told us before the concert that he'd come into the crowd around our area. He was impressed with our energy and decided to film us for quite some time. Made it to the video summary of the concert, and hopefully will make it to the videoclip too!

  6. What a song.

  7. Originally posted by Alvin:[..]
    Great song! Sound is the most similar to BHaR, but with bits of Absolution. Kinda ripped off themselves but in a good way (similar what Dream Theater did with Never Enough which totally sound like Muse from Absolution era ). Much better than the synthpop they were trying to do. To be clear there's nothing wrong with synthpop, but their try is not really good.
    Yeah it's like if Stockholm Syndrome was written and recorded in 2006 with their BHAR sound and style. I really really like it.
  8. Remy and I are going to see them in Berlin for their theatre tour. Very excited!
  9. If you think the album so far is garbage your not a Muse fan. Kill or be killed is one of the best songs in years.