1. That's their worst setlist ever.
  2. Pretty embarrassing. The band are clearly treating this as just another festival gig, why are they always so lazy when it comes to this sort of thing?

    17 songs as well - that’s awful for the price of tickets. It’s either A) they plan on adding songs more songs when the arena/stadium gigs kick off (which would still be out of order and not fair on the Mexican fans); B) Matt’s voice is more knackered than we thought and this is his max or C) all of the above.

    Last night was varied slightly - Map swapped with Pressure, Halloween was in place of Stockholm and New Born in TIRO’s place.

    Let’s not forget they played 22 songs on the Simulation Theory gigs, 23 if you count the metal medley as two song places.
  3. I’ve never fell so out of it love with a band before.
  4. I had a lot of fun in the Guadalajara show last night to be honest. Yeah setlist could be better and especially longer, but it was awesome to have New Born and Map of the Problematique. Kill or be Killed is incredible live as well.
  5. I don't agree. The setlist in itself is pretty good if you only consider one gig. If it was my first time seeing Muse I would be rather OK with that set. It's got a bit of everything (it's only lacking a bit more of piano action, but Matt has grown to despise playing piano it seems, so that's what it is). The problem is that if it's 95% the same thing they've been playing since before the release of WOTP In fact there's only one change from that setlist I posted to the one I saw in July (WAFF replaced Nishe), the rest of it is exactly the same. And so is the stage and show design & flow. It's just super lame and lazy. And fans are burning them.
  6. This "hate" makes me feel good that they do not play anywhere near ... and feels like frist time in 14 years i might not see them on "tour" and very unlikley "festival"