1. Helsinki sunset for June 18th: 23:58 PM
    Helsinkin sunrise for June 19th: 2:17 AM

    Can't see anything wrong with starting the gig at midnight so then you can say you have "played until sunrise" which is utterly cool and makes you look like a Bruce Springsteen of sorts
  2. Got a ticket for the Berlin show but can't make it now. Gutted is an understatement!
  3. Was at the show in Bordeaux last night and I really enjoy the show (even if last album is not my favorite)
  4. They still put on a great show, absolutely Glad you enjoyed it.
    I'm seeing them again next Friday, I'm hoping to get AT LEAST Bliss as a bonus given it's the end of the leg!
  5. i was there and it was amazing!!!
    they should add BLISS and FOLLOW ME at the end
  6. I'll still never forget my first time seeing them:

    If you notice the poster on the post at about :50 seconds in... I hung that baby! This was in the glory days when I worked for the record label and spent my afternoon plastering the venue and organizing meet and greets! the good old days...