1. im interested in makeing a best of for stereophonics but im not shore what songs to include as i only know of the last two albums and mabye tommorow and have a nice day

  2. i'll contribute later. Love the Stereos
  3. Originally posted by germcevoyi'll contribute later. Love the Stereos

    ok thanks

    nice to here from you again
  4. lol...i know im going a bit off topic here but i saw them on MTVs jo whiley show and they played an accoustic verson of it means nothing...ive been looking for it but cant find it!! anyone know where i could get it?
  5. any thorts on some album art
  6. Stereophonics best stuff was their first two albums.Especially 'Word Gets Around'.

    Had it,Lost It.

    Like R.E.M. Radiohead and Oasis.IMO.

    They were excellent tho'.Seen them about 5 or 6 times.Once when they were a support band for James.
  7. Same Size Feet
  8. Dakota
    Pick A Part That's New
    Mr. Writer
    Just Looking
    Local Boy in the Photograph
    Have A Nice Day
    I Miss You Now


    Those would get my vote.
  9. looks like chaplin
    last of the big time drinkers
    same size feet
    stopped to fill my car up
    bartender and the thief
    mr writer
    madam helga
    help me
    bank holiday monday
    t shirt suntan
    wanna be your dog

    this would be my best compilation hope it helps
  10. thank for all the help

    now for the album art ........

  11. i'v done it

    here the front cover

  12. and heres the back

    sorry ill update it in a min