1. Champion of the World is very good.
  2. Originally posted by bartbono:I like champion of the world and everyday life. All the other stuff is nonsense to me. Man where is the old coldplay!? Rush of blood to the head en x&y....

  3. I'm not a Coldplay fan but I really like the new album.
    It doesn't sound like the old stuff.
  4. I've made a playlist with the actual songs. Now I actually quite like it. Not a fan of Champion of the World, but I like most of the other proper songs. I think Church is one of their best. Still not sure why they added the various transitions etc.
  5. I like the songs, but I think the whole album has to grow on you.
  6. I presume they are looming to go above and beyond the usual plant to many trees to offset routine. Fair play but it’ll be some ask.
  7. Residencies?
  8. The headline is a bit misleading. Rumour is that they are touring after their next album which will be more of a traditional 'pop' album which is due out next year. They'll be touring but it is a similar situation to when they released Ghost Stories but didn't tour until AHFOD was released the year after.