1. Ah yeah, I get it, climate emergency will be solved by the time they release the follow up album
  2. how is the YouTube special still live? Have they been performing for 5 hours ?
  3. -
  4. Well, it's a step up from the last two albums. I like Everyday Life, Church, and Trouble in Town the most.

  5. that's pretty cool.
  6. I agree that it’s a step up! Reminds me a lot of the Viva La Vida demos Bootleg disc that made the rounds.

    The live version of Trouble In Town from Jordan is phenomenal.
  7. I actually like the album a lot on first listen.
  8. Orphans sound so much like U2! I like it!
  9. Really liking the new album(s), well I listened to the Jordan performance not the studio version. Need to give it a few more listens to get a better idea of just how much I like it but I’m struggling to find many complaints so far, hadn’t been massively keen on Arabesque initially but just seemed to come at the right time on the album and I seemed to appreciate it more for some reason. Enjoying it anyway.