1. Originally posted by u2_michaelc:cant listen to a lot of Coldplay nowadays as the music reminds me of an ex partner and makes me feel like shit.

    I have always wonder how Chris holds it together singing certain songs.
    I have always wonder how Chris holds it together singing certain songs.

    Maybe he just think about the pay check and powers through?
  2. I wonder if they have come up with a way to making touring environmentally beneficial yet.
  3. Coloratura is surprising song by them. I kinda like it (and I'm known for mostly disliking them ) It is artifically extended to be 10 mins, 7-8 mins would suit it better, there are boring filler parts and I would definitely cut those annoying oohs. On the other hand the (Gilmouresque) solo could have been longer, it ends before it really starts.
    Coldplay going prog would be teally interesting
  4. Funny that everyone is so embarrased to comment their new song with BTS
  5. Fuck me. Song
  6. I am firmly a Coldplay fan over the years…Oldplay and Newplay - but the last album Everyday Life and now this Music of the Spheres have kind of lost me. It’s not all terrible, but little of it is memorable or something I want to go back to after an initial listen. Everyday Life was mostly boring. Spheres is coming across as very hollow so far…Coloratura has some cool bones in it but at 10 min is a bit of a meandering mess. This collaboration with BTS just is not my thing…heard it once, that’s enough.

    Hopefully the rest of Spheres can salvage it. But so far sounds like a miss to me.