1. This is true, as soon as I heard 'Clocks' I heard the opening notes of The Unforgettable Fire.
  2. I'm 100% positive that the Talk riff is borrowed from Edge's 80's casette demo tapes
  3. Well if they want to do an eco friendly tour they can't be everywhere?
  4. More nights in fewer places.
  5. Both the bottom of the tour announcement and email state more dates to follow. I was surprised no Boston until I saw that, but I’m guessing some Covid things to work out first.
  6. And all Dutch people have Brussel way closer than say folks in Bavaria to Berlin Or Slovaks to Warsaw whatever … with so few cities served you just can’t complain Brussels Paris all quite close together … I got used to having to travel to Berlin or Warsaw for major acts 300km+ should not be a problem if you really want to see a band … especially post COVID drought
  7. I think Coldplay wrote songs in his style, as always. But then they remixed all. Lol.

    * People of the pride sounds like "American Soul"

    * Infinite Sign will be the next FIFA World Cup officla song.

  8. Coloratura had given me high hopes for this album but..........
  9. It was quite surprising, yes... but then they "overdid" that with that kpop shite