1. Yes. It's like U2 did Elevation, Vertigo and 360 tours with the same stage and look as Pop. U2 always brought a new visual and thematic.
  2. Compared to their newest album, I’ve really enjoyed everyday life. Put it right up there with viva la vida from 2008.
  3. Does anyone got the Coldplay app and willing to record the Paris show tonight?
  4. What does the app allow you to do?
  5. They are live streaming the audio from tonight’s show on the app.
  6. Ah that's cool
  7. He is still miming on this tour then?
  8. Enjoying the live stream. Saw them in ATL and it was my first stadium show since JT17... they put on a damn good show. Such a fun time.

    And I'd never have thought this beforehand but Sky Full of Stars was the best song of the night. It's contrived but the whole "put your phones away for this one" right before the most danceable song of the night really worked... the place was going crazy.
  9. Such an amazing show, woooo!