1. Wow … have the moaning switched to Muse thread now?!


    There will be live broadcast in cinemas of Buenos Aires show (in US) and “re-broadcast” in EU and other parts of the world…on 29th October

    in Poland tickets went on sale in 3 major cinema-networks but with prices at about 15€ per person I guess I will pass… 45€ for family trip to cinema?! And I thought 6€ per movie with 30minutes of adverts is a rip off … now money makes the world go round
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    Agreed on Coldplay's trajectory.

    I love their early stuff, went to multiple of their shows when they supported A Rush of Blood to the Head. Viva la Vida was great, but after that they started a slow downward spiral into trying way too hard to stay relevant. I skipped their recent US tour and didn't buy the crap latest album.

    Indeed. The first few albums up to VLV are really good, especially the first two. Then quite a few good songs and a lovely left field album (EL). MX really is over the top. AOAL is, I think, much better. The last album is virtually unlistenable.

    This said: they seem to have an extremely developed sense of what the public wants, unlike other artists. They seem to lose a few older fans like us, but they also gain millions. I'll keep listening to those older albums. And to the occasional newer good song.
  3. Incredible video.