1. Nice little song.
  2. But not quite the Coldplay that would take you to places:

  3. FYI. The live stream of their Glastonbury gig right now is unrestricted on BBC iplayer....can be viewed globally
  4. Crowds love Coldplay.
  5. Mate from work is at it. Not even a fan of theirs but seen them before and appreciates the live show they put on.
  6. ‘Let’s see those arms’ says Christ Martin just after inviting a one armed guest pianist to play.
  7. Glastonbury being unimaginative having them play for the millionth time.
  8. A bit of overkill at this point yes. But guess they were available

    I wonder will we ever see U2 back there before they pack it in. First appearance was mediocre
  9. highly doubt it.
  10. They could do well on the Sunday legends slot rather than as headliners but I just couldn’t see them doing it.
  11. 2011 was OK. I can't see them playing there again. I didn't think they'd play another festival but Bonnaroo happened, probably Live Nation told them to because ticket sales were dwindling at Bonnaroo.