1. Not looking forward to the semi-final draw.
  2. Ajax - Celta de Vigo
    Man United - Lyon
    Fanal: Ajax - Man United a dream final
  3. Alllllleeeeez l'Olyyyympique Lyonnnnais!

    Yesterday was nerve wrecking. Kinda perfect in the end to see Maxime Gonalons, our captain, who was born in Lyon and has been a Lyon player since he was 10, score the deciding penalty
  4. Do I know you, Sir?

    Well, the luck is with the foolish, or so I heard.....
    No, really, Ajax was way better, in both matches. Last night Schalke fought, but the Dutch victory was deserved Hartelijk gefeliciteerd

    ps: you know what? I swear, as we sat here last night and watched the game, I said to my friends, “I do know someone on the U2 forum who does not like me right now
  5. Messi.
  6. Yes it was a great match. It had everything. Open match, lots of goals, chances, red cards, yellow cards, amazing!
  7. Cristiano!
  8. I'm not a fan, but the man appears when the team needs him.