1. 12-5-05, Boston, Vertigo Tour

    - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)/Jingle Bells snippets. I always love listening to it in December.
  2. Originally posted by jmushouse:12-5-05, Boston, Vertigo Tour

    - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)/Jingle Bells snippets. I always love listening to it in December.
    Oh! I need to hear this!

    I was going to say my favorite would be the one on the 360 DVD...LOVE the In God's Country snippet...so much so I always sing it when I listen to the studio version.
  3. My favourite has to the the Honolulu version from the Vertigo tour, Bono is on fantastic form throughout and absolutely nails the 'Sgt Peppers' snippet in the final moments of the song. Superb.
  4. Elevation and Vertigo cant choose
  5. I actually really like the David Letterman performance, early 2009.
  6. It's a great performance. I love the Rock & Roll High School snippet.
  7. I actually don´t like that song that much.

    But @ Helsinki I loved the moment when The Edge changes his guitar without missing a note! (6:24)

    Notre Dame 2001. Beautiful Day opened the Elevation-gig. Extraordinary opening. Extraordinary circumstances. Loved it!

  8. With all the hype about Blackout it's got me thinking again about u2 singles from the past and I feel this is one I'm sometimes too harsh on just because I feel it's a bit overplayed live but I'm starting to feel a new appreciation for it today. It's one of the last big, successful u2 singles. I rated it 7/10 recently but it's better than that. Anyway funnily enough even though I prefer the elevation Boston DVD my favourite version of this song does come from the Slane DVD. Perfect really and the whole 'beautiful goal' ending, plus it was so fresh back then, I remember the buzz around u2 at the time the song came out, then followed by the album release and at the time of this concert they were still enjoying the success.
  9. Man this tune really has gone down hill the last couple tours..... Used to have so much power and passion
  10. Yup. It was still pretty solid on 360 but was just awful this past tour. Can't really remember the IE performances - which I suppose says something on its own.
  11. I don't think Bono seems to lose himself in the song quite as much these days. Seems a little too controlled on the I&E tour and on the current tour I don't think it's the best reworking but just going back and listening to the album version or a live version from back then let's you remember how great a tune it is.