1. Neil McCormick ‏@neil_mccormick
    I am in the presence of the new Bowie album.
  2. Neil McCormick ‏@neil_mccormick
    My lips are sealed. But all is well in the world of David.

  3. he's releasing a new song 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' on February 26.

  4. Thanks, great news! Can't wait for this album. I've already ordered a copy, but I'll of course download it as soon as it leaks...
  5. David Bowie Guitarist Gerry Leonard: 'Odds of a Tour Are 50-50'
  6. this part i like the most ...

    I think he's reinventing the wheel. He's in a world where everybody is Tweeting and Facebooking. He's doing the complete opposite, and then he comes completely out of the blue with this thing. The silence is part of it. He's letting the record come out, letting the artwork out, letting the video out. In his mind, those are the artistic statements - not getting on the phone with everybody and setting it up with all kinds of chatter.
  7. Yeah I like that part the most too.

    Why hasn't it been leaked yet? Can't wait
  8. PM Neil McCormick ... hehe
    here his review of the album