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    David Bowie Milan 13 4 1990 (LDB 2020 flac)

  2. Today 5 years ago 😢
  3. Did anyone catch that Bowie tribute stream last night?
  4. Fantastic Voyage by Trent was great.
  5. David Bowie * 1983-08-09 * BC Place * Vancouver, B.C. * Never Circulated * Excellent Audience! * Samples

    David Bowie
    BC Place
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    August 9, 1983
    (Never Circulated Audience)

    Recorder: 1982 WM-R2 Sony Walkman Cassette Recorder with Built-In Mics
    Location: Floor Right Side
    Cassette: SONY UCX-S 90 CrO2
    Playback: Marantz PMD-300CP USB Cassette Recorder to Audio Hijack.
    Tracking in Amadeus Pro

    This was a very important show for me and my friends. David Bowie had not toured since 1978, it seemed like an eternity at the time. Finally, he was coming to Vancouver and he was the first big name at the new Stadium. We spent the whole day waiting and meeting girls in the line, got lots of phone numbers, had a 2-4 of EOS beer delivered by some friends and finally after a long wait we were let in for the show. The show got started with The Tubes up first followed by Peter Gabriel. One of our friends has scored free tickets to the show from Peter Gabriel. Our friend was a lifeguard and had actually helped rescue Peter Gabriel after he had drifted out in the bay on a windsurfer and could not get back to shore. Gabriel was super grateful and got tickets as a thank you for our friend. After this brush with fame we were pretty excited about Peter Gabriel as well. We only had enough tape for Bowie though and that’s what we recorded. The crowd on the floor was pretty sparse at the beginning of Bowie. We scouted out a good position and got ready. When Bowie came on the crowd surged forward and we were swept up in this swirl of people. The recorder got jostled and the first two tracks were lost – The Jean Genie intro and Star – we repositioned in time for Heroes and got things going again. You can hear Bowie say to not push too hard in the front we don’t want anyone hurt. We thought that was very cool of him to see what was happening on the floor. At the end of the show during Modern Love moon shaped silver balloons dropped from the sky and the show was over too fast. Bowie returned in September to record his Serious Moonlight concert video at the Pacific Coliseum. We went to both of those shows as well, but the BC Place show seemed to have more electricity about it – listening to this you can hear the small differences in vocals that Bowie does compared to the Vancouver September shows. David Bowie would have been 74 today if he was still with us and it will be 5 years since he passed on Sunday.

    ~ Soundboard 01/08/2021

    This is a different source recording than the bootleg known as "Take Me To The Fridge" from the same date.

    There were tape flips just after Cat People and Space Oddity.

    Line Up:
    David Bowie – lead vocals, guitar, saxophone
    Earl Slick – guitar
    Carlos Alomar – guitar, backing vocals
    Carmine Rojas – bass guitar
    Tony Thompson – drums, percussion
    Dave Lebolt – keyboards, synthesizers
    Steve Elson – saxophones
    Stan Harrison – saxophones, woodwinds
    Lenny Pickett – saxophones, woodwinds
    George Simms – backing vocals
    Frank Simms – backing vocals

    Set List:
    1. Heroes
    2. What In The World
    3. Golden Years
    4. Fashion / Let's Dance
    5. Breaking Glass
    6. Life On Mars?
    7. Sorrow
    8. Cat People
    9. China Girl
    10. Scary Monsters
    11. Rebel Rebel
    12. White Light White Heat
    13. Station To Station
    14. Cracked Actor
    15. Ashes To Ashes
    16. Space Oddity
    17. Young Americans
    18. Fame
    19. TVC 15
    20. Stay
    21. The Jean Genie
    22. Modern Love

  6. great stuff - and a much missed man

    i admit that his later stuff wasn't my favourite of his but his musical creativity was on another plane - Mars possibly