1. Originally posted by mofothethird:[image]
    I always treasure ticket stubs and wirstbands... They are the personal kind of memorabelia I really like.

    Also. This tour marks the first time I got something band related . after my set list in London got stolen last tour. Thanks to Dallas Shoo.
    Especially like the red one above. When the lights go......
  2. Dallas is a right tease with them picks .
    He should just shower a box load across the mosh pit. We all deserved one
  3. I'm still looking for a collector's ticket of JT Amsterdam (1 or 2). When ordering the tickets, for some reason it wasn't possible to select collector's ticket. On the phone next day with tm it was promised that order would be changed, but 2 days later plain hard copy tickets were already delivered
    So if someone has a lead for me...please let me know

    PS: I'm of course willing to pay for it
  4. absolutely need last night on earth promo globe! do you know ehere i could find it?
  5. I also have "U2 by U2" and U2 At The End Of The World, Just stored somewhere else

  6. Anybody read this

  7. Sure!

  8. With 360 box set you mean this one with 7" Soon red?