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    The 2 US promo CD + commercial release (jewel case)
    Next, the 3 FR CD (one in card sleeve + 2 others in slim case)
    Under the 2 UK in digipak and the Brazilian issue

    Great collection.

  3. Got this recently fantastic version of Walk on from the live TV tribute alongside other great contributions from an all star line up.
  4. And the Zep too!

  5. annyone ever seen this ore knows someting about this vinyl pre-boy demo's he said before i try to make a deal with him and what is this is ithe value Very rare vinyl of U2 Demo from CBS. Studio recording.

    White Label

    This is full of tracks that were pre- Boy production.

    Bono has a questionable voice!

  6. and this one

  7. is it worth 25.00 euro's ?

  8. also this one worth 25.00 euro ?