1. Oh, maybe its not. In either case miryclay can PM me. I'll edit my post regardless.

  2. Stumbled across the coloured version of Zooropa when in Melbourne recently.

  3. Hey guys, someone I know is selling a ZOO TV framed print. He doesn't have much info on it but am wondering if any if you have any info. Even if it's just who's signature it is on the bottom right...

  4. Sorry, couldn't work out how to do multiple images on one post...

  5. Does anyone know if this is a special print?

  6. WHO KNOW THIS AND HELP ME OUT he says original persing in green vinyl (Greece), did the two albums indeed came out on green vinyl, ore is it WAR (black) and HTDAAB (black and now red) ???????
  7. fakes
  8. thnx though so
  9. thnx though so