1. one of a few finds in Thai
  2. What three are those?

  3. Didn’t buy them, only framed them. But for me they are really collectibles!
  4. Well done JoeHar. It looks personalised and authentic.

  5. I loved multicams e I am a lot grateful to all video makers that did these projets. And U2Start and U2torrents

    Live in Honolulu – Multicam by U2RulesMyWorld

    U2360 - Multicams 2010 – Disc 1: Frankfurt by Loftarosa, and Disc 2: Paris by Stroubidoul

    U2360 - Multicams 2011 – Disc 1: Anahein by U2Rulesmyworld (Filmed by Dream Team), and Disc 2: Toronto by Mek.

    IETour Multicams 2015 – Disc 1: Berlin by Sparko, and disc 2: Amsterdan by Loftarosa.

    EITour Multicams 2018 – Disc 1: Berlin (31/08) by Sparko, and disc 2: Cologne by Loftarosa.

    TJT Multicams 2017 – Disc 1: Paris 2017, and Disc 2: Dublin by Hindutimes01

    I have many others .... Turin 2015 (Mek), Athens 2010 (Loftarosa), Brussels 2010 (Videodrugproject), São Paulo 2017 by Vetri, Pittsburg 2011 ... These I still have to put and organize in the cases.

    I put in some cases the U2Start brand and in front of U2torrents, this to remind me that it was in these places that these masters organized and made these projects available. In the past I downloaded some multicams here on U2start, and so in a few decades whenever I will take in my hands these projects, I will remember you, thank you very much.
  6. Seeing those multicam videos above makes me wonder what happened to the IEM recordings from Koln 2018. Anyone know?
  7. Finally, I can add U2-3 2019 RSD vinyl to my collection! Happiness!