1. i did the same from 1989 to 2005, ervery different pressing of each cd, lp, 7" i could find i bought.
    "Money for nothing, chicks for free"

  2. When a bootleg could cost you £25 in 1993 and so you really had to choose which one you were going home with, hoping it was decent sound quality but you’re ok cause it’s U2 The Real Thing in Rotterdam 92 you’ve picked so some days ARE better than others
  3. Folks I am having a clearout of stuff and have a virtually brand new condition JT 20th anniversary set I am happy to depart with. Can post in UK only. PM me if interested and we will work something out

  4. Pick this one up in mojos Dublin down for three days with my girlfriend
  5. looks good

  6. Joshua tree tour Arizona April 1987
  7. beauty! how much?

  8. i made a new wall rack from scaffolding tube for the collection