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  2. Adam Clayton autographed "U2: Best of 1990-2000" (inside picture) - Signed by Adam the day before the Vertigo dress rehearsal.

    Bono & Edge autographed "U2: Best of 1990-2000" (front cover) - Signed by Bono & Edge the day before the Vertigo dress rehearsal.

    Bono autographed "Who's Gonna Ride..." CD single - Signed by Bono the day before the Popmart Los Angeles show.

    I have an Edge autographed "Even Better Than The Real Thing" single but I don't have a scan of it.

    U2 related? Daniel Lanois. Danny signed my Taylor acoustic in 2003.

  3. best of 1980-90 helmet in crate,inflateble 3ft trabant,staring at the sun koliedescope,if god will send his angels advent calender and wrapping paper,every tour programme since war tour, t-shirts ,loads of vinyl,cds tapes dvds videos books some of which are very rare.
  4. how can you get all these autographs so easy????????
  5. Update list

    HERE the original

    Now, I received

    - One Tree Hill (Vinyl Single Import Australia) [K-338]
    - Zoo Station (Promo Vinyl Import USA) [PR12 6715-1]

    for more information on my collection -> HERE
  6. Took delivery of Discotheque CD single this morning. Nothing spectacular but nice nonetheless.
  7. i collect U2 vinyl. only 12" records though, not 45s. Tracking down the 12" singles is the tough part...

    Here is what I currently have:

    U2 Boy
    U2 Boy
    U2 Boy (promo only)
    U2 October
    U2 War
    U2 New Year's Day (12" Single)
    U2 The Unforgettable Fire
    U2 The Unforgettable Fire (12" Single)
    U2 Pride (12" Single)
    U2 U2 Treats U (Bootleg)
    U2 Wide Awake In America
    U2 Uner A Blood Red Sky
    U2 The Joshua Tree
    U2 Where The Streets Have No Name (12" Single)
    U2 With Or Without You (12" Single)
    U2 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (12" Single)
    U2 Rattle And Hum
    U2 All I Want Is You (12" Single)
    U2 Desire (12" Single)
    U2 Angel Of Harlem (12" Single)
    U2 Achtung Baby
    U2 One (12" Single)
    U2 The Fly (12" Single)
    U2 Mysterious Ways (12" Single)
    U2 Zooropa
    U2 Lemon (12" Single - Remixes)
    U2 Zoo Stars (Bootleg)
    U2 Pop
    U2 Mofo (12" Single - Remixes)
    U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind
    U2 Beautiful Day & Elevation Remixes
    U2 How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
    U2 Vertigo (12" Single)
    U2 City Of Blinding Lights (12" Single)
    U2 U218 Singles
    U2 No Line On The Horizon
    U2 I Know I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (12" Single)

    some hard to find ones that I know exist on 12" vinyl that I still need...

    U2 When Love Comes To Town
    U2 Discotheque
    U2 Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
    U2 Beautiful Day
    U2 Staring At The Sun

  8. Originally posted by utwothefly:its funny how different fans collect different formats. i know some only collect cd's.

    like above ..only collecting 12" ...very nice i might add.

    i found that it can be never ending and very expensive!, so i do not collect vinyl as i have been brought up on cd's.
    i also dont collect promo cd's ...i only buy official cd albums that have been released or boxsets. however this gives me the money i need to buy the items that i do like collecting like= promotional mugs/keyrings/clocks/kaleidoscopes/bookmarks and any other item that has been used to promote an album or single. i also collect tour merchandise which can be expensive also.
    its just my personal thing!

    Well obviously I like to get CD's because they're digital and easily transferable and play in CD players, games consoles, DVD players and so forth. Vinyls require a record player which I don't own, but it doesn't stop me collecting. Got all 12" albums from the 80's and a couple of 7" singles from the 80's.

    I mainly collect CD singles and the like but if a vinyl pops up, I'll buy it.