1. and placed an order for these two
  2. Reissue Passengers please... although it will probably only sell 25 copies
  3. I'd second that motion. Along with R&H, it is an unacknowledged difficult child of a record. I want a blue vinyl release of Your Blue Room live with Sinéad.

    The red ones look great. Hopefully The UF version is slightly more maroon. Also, a black and white vinyl Vertgo swirl must be on the cards st some point.
  4. Yeah. Passengers would make a great RSD 2020 release to celebrate it's 25th anniversary
  5. My most prized collectable is an riaa gold disc of the joshua tree
  6. that's a very nice collectables, we here in holland say VET
  7. Thanks, always said I'd top off my collection with a JT award and was lucky enough to get one..... Eventually.
  8. don't ever ever sell it