1. Just watched it again with volume turned up very loud, lights out and after watching it for more than 200 times over the past few years (didn't see it in a while before just now) I still have the opinion that this is the most awesome DVD performance of U2.

    This song has it all on this DVD, it has perfect vocals, guitar, bass, drums, awesome lighting, a kick-ass intro, Bono running around the place like a crazy one, Bono jumping into the crowd, biting in the hand of someone, an awesome final with Bono running to the screens and Edge and Larry playing like if their lives depend on it. And so much more! It even features some of the great moments of Hamish Hamilton, he shots this song like it has to be shot.

    I LOVE this performance, it always pumps me up
  2. I totally agree, best version of the Fly ever... really hope they gonna play it like this on the next tour
  3. I prefer it on the Vertigo tour. The chorus needs the falsetto part.
  4. boston is my overall dvd favourite anyway
    I don't like the fly live that much, but the performance on the boston dvd is breath-taking!
    bono running around the stage and then glueing himself against those light walls was a cool idea.
  5. love it love it love it very intense the way the song was meant to be
  6. have to agree 100% about the song

    But I still think Streets in Slane is their best DVD moment
  7. Completely agree, although I have to also agree with Dan, as Streets is their best DVD moment. The Fly is a close 2nd though!
  8. That moving camera shot just before the lights come on for Streets on the Boston DVD is out of this world but for overall best performance of U2 caught on DVD it has to be Streets from Slane. The Fly was awesome though. Worth a topic
  9. I'm with you, Remy --> the best version of The Fly ever!!
  10. i think it's the most beautiful and best version also for me .....
  11. yea its amazing but the Fly from U2 3D is the ultimate version without doubt!! but yea the boston version comes in close second!
  12. all i have to say is