1. I feel that we are related in this category..

  2. You forget the "reputable source" part. LOL

    It's almost like people think "if we generate enough buzz, maybe they'll drop everything and actually do it!"
  3. Studio = good news.


    This award is certainly an honor for Adam. Recovery from addiction is a powerful struggle, and anyone who has been through it knows how much it can change a person's life for the better.

    On another note, is anyone else planning on attending the benefit concert where the award will be presented? I went a couple of year's ago when Pete Townshend was honored, and it was very cool. The Who performed with a bunch of special guests, including Bruce Springsteen (who presented the award to Pete Townshend). I'm hoping (and kind of expecting) that U2 will be performing at this year's benefit. The band will likely be in NYC for the shows at MetLife later that week, so it fits easily in their schedule.

    I bought tickets as soon as I heard about it. It would be amazing to see U2 in that small of a room, and the cost of tickets benefits the MusiCares MAP Fund.
  5. Another one for you

  6. RUMOUR #U2 either has SOE record in the bag and ready for mixing OR has delayed the release until 2018 in order to add an extra #SouthAmerica and #Mexico leg to the #U2TheJoshuaTreeTour2017 on the schedule to finish out the year on the road before taking #ChristmasHoliday and resume finishing touches on #SOE early in 2018 and then jump right back on the road with new tour and stage soon after that.

    Well. It is #U2, so I wouldn't rule even the most wishful of thinking out of the mix.

    #KeepTheFaithLatinAmerica. #ifyouwishhardtheywillcome