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    I have to admit it worries me when he talks about lyric changes. Especially with these 2017 versions that are going to be on the super deluxe JT set. I can live with 'tears like a river' on One Tree Hill or 'step on a fast train' on running to stand still but i hope that's the extent of it.
    Cheap ticket for an aeroplane.
  2. I was never that fond of the RTSS lyric changes...
  3. That one I couldn't live with quite as easily lol. Thankfully it didn't make its way onto the Chicago DVD because I really like that version.
  4. Lyric changes??

  5. If the 2017 mix of With Or Without You doesn't have Shine Like Stars, I'm done.
  6. Flood Remix of Streets needs Lalala's.
  7. Oh, God yes
  8. I keep forgetting to tell Remy to implement a feature so I can ban other crew members