1. Bono is life imitating art as he gradually turns into MacPhisto. Yeh he gets himself in shape for touring but years of smoking, drinking alcohol and eating too much have caught up with him.

    Larry looks alarming these days. He looks in great shape but that dramatic darker hair dye! I swear his face looks more like Eddie Izzard's than Larry Mullen Jnr's with each passing day.

    Edge looks in great shape too. Yeh we know he's bald and dyes his beard but who cares.

    Adam well he just rocks his age and is still the coolest member of the band. He has aged really well and considering his 'iffy' past, he looks the best of the lot.

    But in saying all that. Looks are superficial and it's what's inside that counts and as a band nobody can touch them. I'd still go and see them if Bono was fat and bald, Edge had a comb-over, Larry stopped plucking his eyebrows and Adam grew a ZZ Top beard.

    Great band
  2. Amen !
  3. Creeps.
  4. old man
  5. Yes because there’s Ali next to B
    Who’s the lookalike in the image with Eli?
  6. facial peel and laser