1. My heart bleeds...
  2. And a heart that bleeds, is a heart that is open
  3. She insulted Adam in really ladylike language with all respect,right?
  4. I think Adam is capable enough to defend himself if he wishes to. No need for a forummember to call her anything.
  5. ‘How punk rock is that’. That’s what Bono would say
  6. The men of the band..not the best choice of words from Adam, honestly 🤣
  7. Meh, just NME scraping the bottom of the barrel for content, as usual.

    The Gallaghers must be having a slow news week.
  8. Which means Bono and The Edge are the girls of the band....
  9. fuck hypersensitivity- this is absolute madnes what has become of wolrd...
  10. This is exactly an example why the artist react on Adams words.
  11. Which was meant as a joke...but people don't get it. Weird times when you can't say anything because someone could feel insulted by it - even if it wasn't meant in any bad way...
  12. I always feel like one person, or a very small group of people, get offended which then gets blown up on social media which causes people getting offended about the person or small group that got offended and it turns into an offended fest when in reality it stemmed from one person.

    95% of people probably wouldn’t think much of the comment at all, but someone sees someone else post about being offended then it turns into “SNOWFLAKE! THIS GENERATION IS SOFT!!! SAD!” and it gets reshared and reshared over and over.

    Long story short, another example of something that isn’t a big deal at all turning into a big deal.