1. Please post all album and tour news/rumors in their respective new topics/forums
  2. also rumours booked dublin stadium for June 2023
  3. An Irish boy band that do/did a lot of covers. Not heard so much from them these days but I remember them having a lot of chart success when I was growing up. They covered uptown girl, that’s one that stands out to me for some reason.
  4. You're not missing anything. As Dean mentioned, boyband from 90's /00's. Can't believe they are doing stadiums
  5. You should keep it that way, they are manufactured karaoke that appealed to some naive kids who were brainwashed and didn't know any better.
  6. I’ve seen that chart being passed around on Facebook. The U2 haters get so mad that they’ve sold more tickets than whoever their favorite might be. I love it.

    Somebody said “well they haven’t been able to fill stadiums since the mid 2000s, so they don’t sell tickets anymore.” To which of course I had to reply that they were filling arenas and stadiums everywhere as recently as 2017-18-19, and they will continue to do so on their next tour as well. They just can’t stand it, makes me almost gleeful to prove them wrong.