1. That WOWY performance sounds like it should be on the Stranger Things soundtrack.
  2. Thanks badrishcharlie

  3. Unfortunately I have to agree, but more because they are trying to do something instead of be themselfves

    The U2 would make ATYCLB and HTDAAB, but they are trying to make books and tell stories in their "Songs of"
  4. Well, no big hits but Ordinary Love and We Are The People still have plenty of airplay
  5. It’s a common rule for older acts … new Rolling Stones song makes headlines and playlists … for 1 month? Then it disappears no matter how good it is and Paint It Blacks and Angie’s make return not gonna happen
    They should record for themselves and fans not chase radio friendly hit
  6. How about that Davis Guggenheim HBO documentary about the Innocence+Experience tour!