1. I think that was his last deliberate public appearance. He's obviously been seen out and about since then. But there's no evidence he's even been in the same room as the other 3 band members since 3 years ago in India. I suppose we'll see them together this Friday, it'll be interesting to see how Larry interacts with the other guys, etc. It'd be nice if a band member other than Bono could comment on anything future related for the band.
  2. This coming Sunday
  3. Yeah I don’t think this means the band is not going to have Larry on drums again

    That being said this is a huge bummer, but to be expected at this point. Would def still see the lm live 100% but would it be the same? No
  4. Originally posted by justinpushplay:[..]

    I’m not sure how it was relentless, the IE and EI tours were the shortest albums support tours they’ve ever done. They’ve been off the road for 4 years sans a dozen shows at the tail of 2019. If I said in the last 6 years I had to work 3 of them, I don’t think you’d call me overworked.
    From setlist fm they've played 385 times since 1 Jan 2009. Including whatever small promo gigs and sets etc they put on the site. If you take a conservative approach and give them the benefit of every show taking a prep day, the performance day and a recovery day after, they've worked 1155 days in that period. There have been 5079 days between 1 Jan 2009 and now. Rounded up that's 23% of days worked or 1.6 days a week. With the best healthcare and doctors and advice money can buy.

    I thought these Irish guys who grew up in the 70s in such a time of 'jeopardy' in Ireland as Bono would say were meant to be tough. Or at least Bono would have you think.

    It's a poor excuse. I'm cool with him being over it and wanting to pull up stumps, but don't say your body is failing from years of hard work and abuse. These guys are so far removed from hard work it's a joke.
  5. I am quite calm, I think it was something that I always had in mind, being born late to the world of U2, anything at this age is to be expected, but we would have to see what happens on Friday

  6. Overreaction it is! Some added context from the author.
  7. Nice of him to share that. And nice to hear more from the man himself.
  8. No Larry, no U2. Simple as...
  9. Originally posted by LostSailor:[..]
    It's just weird that he would make the comment / projection that he likely won't be ready for Vegas in September of next year ten plus months ahead of time. I have back surgery like a few others here and their are so many variables that determine physical therapy and recovery. If he had a surgery the now he will certainly have a better chance than waiting until next year. Like I said, weird.

    That was my thought too. I used to assess disability insurance claims and someone saying they wouldn’t expect to be back at work for a year would be a cause for alarm. That’s not to diminish the issues he has or the impact of surgery but 12 months is a pessimistic outlook.

    As with others, for me there is no U2 without Larry or any other member. My only wish if/when they call it a day is they do it with the same grace, dignity and friendship that R.E.M did.
  10. My take on this is - the reason Larry wants to undergo this surgery is that he wants to keep playing and keep touring. Clearly not because he wants to leave the band. The whole Vegas 2023 debacle and his comments about the management side of things are a whole other issue. Maybe he feels he's being pushed into participating in something he has no interest in and going public with his dissatisfaction with it is just using another tool in the negotiation process. I could see it leading to a bigger rift in the band if this is not resolved in a way that makes everyone happy, but I don't think we're there yet?
  11. Not a big surprise. Larry has been so distant from the band. I’m a subscriber to SiriusXM and Larry has done nothing on U2 X-Radio. Only clips of him speaking have been past comments and interviews.
  12. Originally posted by AMLBONO:Not a big surprise. Larry has been so distant from the band. I’m a subscriber to SiriusXM and Larry has done nothing on U2 X-Radio. Only clips of him speaking have been past comments and interviews.
    He’s done nothing on air, but he’s been very involved in other aspects of the station.