1. Originally posted by podiumboy:I kind of figured U2 wouldn’t be doing much until late 2021 or 2022 anyway, so this is no surprise. Especially with the way things are going.

    I think nowadays U2 albums are made differently. Edge mostly orchestrated the music. Since he’s based in LA now, he’s probably always working with several different producers all the time. Hence the large amount of producers on SOI and SOE. Bono, meanwhile, is more in charge of not only the lyrics/vocals, but the overall theme and direction of the album. Then Adam and Larry just out in their 2 cents, record their parts, and off ya go.

    I’d prefer a new album and tour, but I’ll happily take an AB / ZooTV type of tour. That’s probably their best bet for their next stadium filling tour. A new album tour wouldn’t be as big of a deal.

    Ummm...they recorded SOI living in a rented house.

    As 360 or JT2017/2019 proved all they really need to do to fill stadiums is show up..a new exciting stage is just a bonus. Or honouring an old album...the big gap since 2018 will help with the demand.
  2. "It’s very, very fresh. We’ve cut everything quite quickly. We’re coming to things in a shorthand way. The feedback we get from that is pretty good. We want to be quick, down and dirty with the next one."

    So we will spend 2 or 3 years so it can be quick, down and dirty :-)
  3. Great to hear! Maybe Adam just means that the next album will only take five years instead of five and a half
  4. That was a pretty good read!

    Let's get this damn pandemic sorted shall we, so we can get back to our gig going escapades ASAP!
  5. Yeah - songs ready and need just 2-3 years of polishing...
  6. Feels exactly the same, if they had done it in 2009-2011,2014 and 2015 I would have been very excited.
    Its a big chance that it is played one step lower and Bono sings if carefully...