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    Yes. Killers and the Cure both played big gigs in the UK last year, not really exciting.

    I hope The Killers will be loud enough this time around.
    It'll be just half of the band anyway...

  2. Which makes me think - wouldn't it be nice if they invited Mark and Dave for this one special gig? Maybe just for one or two songs. Oh well.
  3. I saw The Killers about 9 months ago and have to admit it was one of the best live shows I've seen. Brandon is very good at crowd interaction and constantly had this huge grin on his face! I hated most of their newest album but classic Killers is magnificent.
  4. They’re ok live.

    I didn’t really care much for the concert going in to it. Didn’t blow me away either. I’d go and see them again for sure though.
  5. loved the first two albums and saw them live on the sams town tour which was great. haven`t liked a thing that they`ve done since. Wouldn`t pay money to go and see them now.
  6. I saw them twice on the Battle Born tour. First time was great (apart from the fact that they opened with Mr. Brightside I mean c'mon wtf), second time was pretty boring. It was a festival show and they just did NOT have the stage presence, the crowd was bored, their songs were flat, it was just meh.

    As others have said, wouldn't pay to see them now, especially since I wouldn't actually be paying to see "The Killers".

    It's sad to say, but this band has had its day, plain and simple. Besides the fact that their music has been progressively worse since Sam's Town (Battle Born had some great tunes, but for me the album has had zero lasting power), they're just losing members one at a time.
  7. Eh, I’d take a shot at seeing them. I liked the new album well enough (half excellent to at least solid tunes, half pretty thoroughly forgettable) and they’ve got a heap of brilliant stuff in their back catalogue. Of course I’m a broke grad student so I probably won’t shell out big concert money for anyone other than U2, but... well, it’s a nice thought. Maybe sometime.
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    I saw the tweet and I wanted to send it to you via whatsapp but something crossed my mind and then forgot about it. Are you going? That sounds like one special gig! I was wondering if the Sam's Town hint was something to think about deeper or just the standard tweet hook.
    I’ll try and get a ticket, only 10,000 capacity outside though.
  9. Wow, I thought the field would be bigger. These tix will fly!

    EDIT. Just saw the gig is actually the day before their Glasto headlining show. Makes it even more special I guess.
  10. Easy getting tix this morning. Or just lucky. Should be a good venue! Great backdrop.