1. Millenials would ignore it just like they do with all U2 stuff since Vertigo.
  2. Yeah because it's not cool to listen to U2 anymore... And it's not hip hop...
  3. U2 wrote Miami.

    That's as hip hop as they've ever gotten
  4. Elvis Ate America*
  5. Mofo should have been the album opener imo...
  6. Chose to listen to this yesterday for the first time in ages and it holds up remarkably well. Last Night on Earth in particular struck me as a song that should be renewed live.
  7. Mofo to open, like Zoo Station for AB!

    It is the track that is the most un-U2 on Pop.
  8. went back to watch the Discotheque video for a laugh, and noticed 2 interesting tidbits;
    - I think I only see Edge and Larry laying flat on the ground underneath the exotic dancer. If you had asked me before, who was under her, I would have always said it was Adam (maybe cuz he's the one laying down posed with the disco ball over top of him)
    - Edge was using ORANGE brand guitar amp. Pretty rare from what I can recall... in the Walk On U.S. video too I believe.
  9. Mi favorite track is "Do you feel loved?"