1. We might get mofo and discotheque again.
  2. Yeah I always thought Mofo should have been the first track. I guess it's because of the long intro on Discotheque it was placed first.

    Personally, I'd even say Mofo should have been the first single too, really leftfield like The Fly was back in 1991.
  3. Mofo is such a killer song it's so un U2 I'd imagine it originated during the making of the Passengers album and they decided to keep it for a proper U2 record, they were listening to a lot of dance and electronic music and wanted something that would stand up alongside that.Discoteque , Do you feel loved and Gone are pretty much out there aswell they got as far away from U2 as they possibly could unfortunately the Americans didn't buy into it hence why they now see the album as a problem child.
  4. I still enjoy this album today as much as I did when it came out, and one that continues strong with age.
  5. Still one of the best next to achtung baby and Joshua tree. Best 3 tours right there back to back to back. 87-98.