1. Maybe or Desire? Really having trouble remembering, but I'm sure a Rickenbacker was involved. I guess in the whole scheme of things it's not that important, I just wish I could remember.
  2. Originally posted by MattG:The conversation about Edge playing extraordinary guitars for certain songs belongs here - and it was a good one! Keep it going!

    I had no idea he used an SG on Vertigo for one of the Experience shows. I have definitely seen the video of him playing IWF on a Strat, though.

    Any other really weird ones?

    The video of him playing Streets on a Les Paul is definitely to track.

    A lot of them are just because of gear problems.

    IWF sounds much better on the beige Les Paul he has.

  3. Here's a strange one. Beautiful Day, Elevation and I Will Follow from Dallas 2017. All played with the Gibson SG. I can really tell the difference in the bridge of IWF, with the harmonics.

  4. Here's Edge playing "Out of Control" with Bono's Gretsch. As you can see, his Explorer was otherwise occupied.
  5. Edge didn't play a single note on that one though It was all pre-recorded except Bono's vocals.
  6. Too much for me.
  7. Expensive but not-so-much for a handcrafted and charity article.

  8. You must have seen the Rick Beato video about Still Haven't Found? Asking for a friend as well..
  9. I bought a 50 pcs Herdim pack in like 2009 and still have a few left -and I use them to play mostly everything, not only U2) so I don't understand why you'd need 100 The "dimples" last longer than Dunlop's and other brands and they only start losing edge (no pun intended) after many many hours of use, so buying 100 seems a bit excessive unless you are in a world touring U2 tribute band and you play 50 gigs a year (I'm looking at you, Achtung Babies). Other than that? Overkill.

    That being said, it might very well be the only way to get them at a reasonable price. The prices for blue Herdims on ebay have escalated ridiculously in the last few years. Last time I looked there was a guy selling 10 pcs for like 25€? Surreal.