1. Haha I bought a 100 pack once. And I expect them to last for lots of years. I tend to use one pick for a month or a month and a half. So it's total overkill to have 100 of them, but it is the best price I found. I am more willing to buy 100 for 50 euros than buying 10 or 12 for 25 euros . And now I can lose one now or then, or replace them sooner if I want without any problems.
  2. With Or Without You on the Les Paul with Ebow and Wah instead of the regular Strat sustain guitar was always interesting to me

  3. I thought he only used the Les Paul because it was such a quick change from Lemon 🍋
  4. Edge was obsessed with his Les Paul in 1990-1995, I'm sure he would have played Streets and Pride on it if he had the chance

    In my opinion this particular choice of guitar for WOWY was probably due to not having time to swap from Lemon, which segued straight into WOWY. Back in earlier 93 he played WOWY on the sustainer Fernandes (as far as I can tell):

  5. yep thats what i was saying