1. Thanks dir all your answers so far

    Is Reverb a platform dedicated for privately selling instruments? Kind of an eBay?
  2. My pleasure Yes. It's basically what eBay was a few years ago (nowadays it's more of a business/store based site). Reverb prices are more often than not QUITE inflated though, take it into account.
  3. Hey Christoph!
    Ich biete dir 5€ und hol das auch alles selber ab!
    Schön Gruß

    Originally posted by Christoph001:Hi everyone!

    I´m thinking about selling all my guitar stuff since I´m not playing anymore (which is a shame)!

    Do you guys know what the following items are realistically worth?

    Boss FA-1 FET Amplifier
    T.C. Electronics Dual Parametric Equalizer
    T.C. Electronic Power Supply
    Big Muff
    Boss Super Overdrive SD-1
    Boss Turbo Overdrive OD-2R
    Boss Powerdriver PW-2
    Boss Equalizer PQ-2
    Exef Midi Programmable Switching System

    Rocktron Patchmate 9 Loops
    Line6 Pod Pro
    Line6 POD XT Pro
    DigiTech IPS 33B
    Yamaha SPX50D
    Korg A3
    Korg SDD-2000
    Korg SDD-3000
    Furman Power Conditioner
    EXEF Midi

    VOX AC-30 (approx. 10 years old).

    If anyone is interested please send a PM.

    Thank you!!!!!
  4. Reverb is your dream for speciality items like above. I have had good experiences but some of course are unhappy. They even have price graphs and professional muscians use it to buy and sell as well. Maybe Dallas will buy it!
  5. reverb.com