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    You'll have to let me know how it sounds! I've been using the Line 6 M5 for my shimmer sounds for a year or more, does a great job! But would like to free it up for other things on songs aha.
    After 4 hours of intense plinking, I can confirm it's excellent! Adds another dimension entirely. Will try cobble some sounds together at some point
  2. Was having a faff last night with current rig and was pleasantly surprised at the Streets sound I came up with:

    Couldn't tell you the exact settings but the basic rig is:

    Squier Bullet Strat (in phase between middle and bridge, mais oui) > Boss SD-1 (set at 9 o'clock, I think) > Boss DS-1 (switched off but you never know if the bypass is completely true!) > TC Electronic Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb (I have NO idea what that was set to but it sounded schwing) > Boss ME-20 (with some kind of delay setting I've concocted to mimic whatever the hell Edge has it at + a dash of compression) > Marshall MG-30 amp digi-combo (with god knows what setting on the dials).

    In short, I'm pretty pleased with it. I can't get enough of the shimmer at the mo - it properly helps fill out the sound when you don't have Edge's rig (or indeed his fingers).

    If only I had the backing track on at the same time - such as it is, I was playing the drums with my teeth and the bassline in my head.