1. Ballad of the Mighy I
  2. So sad not to have him last play in North America.
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    Muse did 8-9 when they supported U2 so yeah, 10-11 is a safe bet for Noel since his songs are shorter than Muse's. Ahhhh anxious for this

    Shit! When (and where) did Muse open for U2?
  4. 360. South America 2011 and some dates in North America, 2009.
  5. Extremely offtopic here but that 2nd video is actually a multicam mix of the 3 nights they supported U2 in Sao Paulo, and is a damn excellent video on its own!
  6. I guess so. Although it was Snow Patrol (or maybe Interpol) who open the Toronto 360 shows.

    I'd been thinking about when a old guy like me got into Muse and I'm pretty sure my interest was piqued due to their performance of Streets at Glastonbury 2010.
  7. Oh, this is in the Oasis topic. Jeez, Muse really kicked Oasis' ass at Glastonbury 2004 didn't they?
  8. Recently been getting into Oasis after thinking for years: what boring gits.

    I think Be Here Now is one of the greatest albums I've ever heard.