1. On my 3rd listen and I like it. Maybe it should have stayed like Fort Knox and only have a few lyrics in it. Still a decent groove though.
  2. That's a nifty tune.
  3. Like like like like
  4. This cracked me up What a guy, he's been signing his tweets like that since when? 2017? lol
  5. I like it, though in a way I'd enjoy any other danceable song. nice to listen to, but also has a bit of a throwaway character. it's fine, I guess. he's just having fun. though I hope songs like shoot a hole into the sun, dead in the water, the dying of the light will still make an appearance on those new EPs...

  6. Think its rotten. Hopefully it will grow on me. I understand the whole argument at least hes trying something new but also can see why hes lost a shit load of fans which he gained playing the Oasis and early HFB way. That being says I'll still go see him anyway.
  7. Gerry Cinnamon announces he will be supporting Liam Gallagher in June. If I wasn't starting a new job the next day, I would definitely be there.

    Also rumours that Liam Gallagher will be announcing a UK 2019 Tour.
  8. Noel's new song isn't bad.

    I prefer this over other HFB stuff.
  9. Tbf the songs grown on me after a few more listens. I wouldn’t put it amongst his best songs but better than most of the last album.